CANCER sufferer Ashya King has left hospital for a day out with his family for the first time since the arrest of his parents in Spain last month.

In a heart-warming photo released by his brother Naveed, five-year-old Ashya is seen clutching an action figure and enjoying pizza with his family in Prague.

Naveed added that Ashya is ‘recuperating nicely’ as he enters his final week of proton beam therapy at a specialist centre in the Czech Republic.

Ashya has been fed only through a tube for weeks, but amazed his family by even eating a little by himself.

“He is recuperating nicely and is starting to feed through his mouth without many problems,” said Naveed.

It has been reported that thanks to the pioneering proton treatment, Ashya is showing ‘incredible’ signs of recovery.

An international manhunt was launched on August 28 after parents Brett, 51, and Naghmeh, 45, removed Ashya from Southampton Hospital after disagreeing with doctors.

Brett and Naghmeh spent several days in prison after British authorities issued a European warrant for their arrest.

But all charges against them have now been dropped, and the NHS has funded Ashya’s €88,000 proton beam treatment.

Ashya is due to have his final five proon beam sessions this week before being discharged on Friday, when he is expected to return to Spain for further treatment.

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  1. The family should get their story straight. They say they need money for ongoing treatment be cause he still cannot feed without a tube. Now he is eating pizza….which one is it?

    The child looks no better than before, he is not holding that toy, they have wrapped his fingers around it.

  2. Firstly I wish Aysha well and hope for a full recovery.

    But there is a lot about this story that I find confusing. The family say they came to Spain to sell their house here but I have read elsewhere comments from their neighbours that the house has been on the market for a long time. Which it it?

    This article says they are expected to come to Spain to continue treatment. Who is going to pay for that? As NHS paid for the proton treatment that would suggest they are registered as resident in UK. Is he entitled to free treatment in Spain?

    The whole thing comes across as though the parents have been trying to buck the system by living in one country but claiming residence in another, possibly to avoid paying tax. If that is the case then it seems they have been caught out. I sincerely hope Ayshe doesn’t suffer more because his parents have tried, and failed, to be clever. They wouldn’t be the first to think they were being smart but found they weren’t and many others, unfortunately, could find themselves in the same boat.

  3. KB I am not stupid but you are rude! The fact is on that photo the child doesn’t look a ny better.

    I hope the child makes a full recovery. However that does not make his parents saints and all the stuff coming out in the media is mainly negative.

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