Colette Nolan with her son Zebedee
Colette Nolan with her son Zebedee

A NEW mum with inoperable rare cancer has launched a heartfelt plea to help fund life-saving treatment.

Alpujarras resident Colette Nolan, whose son Zebedee is 10-months-old, desperately needs to raise €100,000 to pay for innovative therapy at the ChemoThermia Oncology Centre in Istanbul.

Nolan, who moved to Orgiva with husband Tim to start a new life in 2015, believes it is her only hope of survival after doctors back in England said there was no more they could do for her.

Nolan, who has aggressive triple negative inflammatory breast cancer, received the diagnosis only four months after giving birth.

“I have been left devastated,” said Nolan, 34, who is currently staying at a hospice in Hastings, near to where her husband Tim’s family live.

“Tim and I moved to Spain, where I was working as a sexual health worker.

“I developed a cyst on my breast but believed it was just due to being pregnant at that time.

“It was only because Zebedee was not feeding properly that doctors in Spain discovered the cancer.

“I initially had surgery in Spain but it didn’t go to plan so I’ve had to seek help in England.

Colette Nolan with her son Zebedee and husband Tim

“I have a round of chemotherapy but sadly it was unsuccessful.

“Doctors say they can’t operate due to a fungating wound in my breast and can only offer radiotherapy but said this will not cure me.”

Nolan found out about the Istanbul centre after extensive research.

Its doctors offer a course of treatments that include a combination of low level chemotherapy with ‘science-based’ alternative treatments such as hyperthermia (heat therapy) and a focus on diet.

“I believe the treatment on offer in Istanbul, which isn’t being offered by the NHS, is my best chance of survival,” said Nolan.

“There’s no guarantee that I will be cured but they have had success in the past.

“Unfortunately, seven sets of two week-long treatments are needed, which each cost €10,000, something that as a family we can’t afford on our own.”

To help Colette fund her treatment, go to

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