FORGET Peter Rabbit, Bugs Bunny and the Mad March Hare. Henry the Rabbit has hopped from Malaga to Windsor – raising money for charity on his way.

After two years in Spain, Henry has been reunited with owner Hazel Plush, who has been travelling the world.

Henry was living with Plush’s parents, John and Vonya, before they decided it was time for him to head home.

But Henry’s journey had another purpose, as he also raised funds and awareness for muscle weakness charity Myaware.

Plush, 27, said: “While I was away, my dad was ill with a similar syndrome to myasthenia which is what the charity campaigns on.

“We haven’t got the final total – it’s more than £100 – but we got a lot of people talking on social media which is the main thing for such a small, niche charity, to raise that awareness.”

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