7 Sep, 2014 @ 14:00
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Gibraltar-Spain border delays to get even worse as works begin

Motorists queue to cross

Commuters should brace themselves for further delays at the border, Gibraltar authorities have warned.

Considerable diversions are to be put in place for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic, due to proposed works on the Spanish side.

The diversions will affect all vehicular traffic into and out of Gibraltar including commercial and coach traffic as well as pedestrians.

The Collector of Customs and senior police are working with the Technical Services Department to ensure that the necessary diversions will be in place by the time the works are due to begin, on September 8.

The work is expected to work until the end of March 2015.

The government will make further information public as it becomes available and the RGP
will clarify traffic flow arrangements as soon as possible.

Imogen Calderwood

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  1. This new high tech border will help keep control of who and how many times an individual crosses into Gibraltar which will help fight tax evasion and smuggling.
    Spot on Spain !!

  2. Yes, Ciudadanos, it will also show that smuggling out of Gibraltar is very minor and that the PP government has blown it completely out of proportion…

  3. Spain to keep record?? that would require organisational skills…..something that Spain unfortunately cant claim to have.

    Gibraltar until the end……. Spain is a mickey mouse country and always will be

  4. Oh dear ,another diversionary tactic to concentrate the Spanish publics mind ,which means yet another big corruption scandal about to be made public over the coming months .

  5. Oh that, high workmanship, quick, clean and organised constuction that we see troughout other parts of spain? Haha. And of course delivered on time? On budget? Were all doomed if the spanish are in charge.

  6. It will take a few months to start profiling individuals who live in Spain and work in Gibraltar but we will get there. In a very short period of time, thousands of residents in the south of Spain will be notified by “Hacienda” that they are tax resident and liable to pay full income tax on top of what they pay in Gibraltar.

    It’s amazing what computer technology can do nowadays!!

  7. A pagar, a pagar, a pagar.
    Alegres llanitos,
    a pagar, a pagar,
    al igual que el resto de españolitos….

    Big Data is great. While GoG uses tech to collect evidences against the Government of Spain, Spanish Officers collect Gib plates and cross big data to chase
    criminals and tax evaders.

    Ya os queda menos…listos, que soy tos mu listos.

  8. español, the only tax evaders in Spain are the españoles. That’s why almost a quarter of your economy is “informal”. If I got a euro for every time I hear the phrase “con IVA o sin IVA” I’d be a millionaire… This big data will only end up making you look ridicilous…

  9. Spain has formally announced that it is investigating the thousands of Gibraltar residents who own properties in Spain but are registered as living in Gibraltar. Spain has also commenced investigating suspected illegal activity in Gibraltar following the release of a report on an investigation conducted by OLAF at Spain’s instigation.

    I fear that it may be too late now for Mr Picardo to heed Mr Feetham’s advice on the desirability of removing the infamous concrete blocks – the proverbial cat is well and truly out of the bag now.

    Looks like, it’s becoming a little too hot for comfort in hell at the moment. No chance of it freezing-over just yet.

  10. No need to worry about Spain’s little games. Gibraltar, just do what the UK does and completely ignore inconsequential Spain, there are far more important things to worry about than neo-fascist little Espana..lol

  11. @FurtherBeyond, Spain formally announced that they’d be investigating Fabian Picardo’s tax affairs more than a year ago, but all we have had since then is silence. The same will happen with this latest “formal announcement”. It’s all bluster on the part of SPPain, hoping nobody will notice that almost a quarter of the Spanish economy is “black” and pays zero tax.

    Spain certainly instigated the OLAF report, but when OLAF then suggested that organised crime was in Spain and that it was the Spanish legal system is too permissive, you could say that was a bit of an own-goal for Spain, no? You should be used to them, you make them all the time. Put that in your relaxing cup of café con leche!

    The “infamous” concrete blocks, almost exactly the same as the concrete blocks in over 100 EU-funded (British taxpayers money) artificial reefs in Spanish waters? Well, the EU is happy for them to remain there, as they break no laws. I feel a bit of a chill, don’t you?

    Oh, and the EU also think the reclamations and bunkering are absolutely fine, so get used to hell freezing over!

  12. @ Iestyn ap Robert

    Don’t be too impatient. It’s not just Mr Picardo’s tax affairs that are being investigated. As Ciudadanos has correctly observed, Spain is currently implementing electronic processes to monitor the fence. However, it will take a few months to identify and garner evidence on the many thousands of Gibraltarians who live in Spain and work in Gibraltar.

    In a very short period of time, thousands of residents in the south of Spain will be notified that they are tax resident and liable to pay full Spanish income tax on top of what they pay in Gibraltar.

    By the way none of the concrete blocks you refer to were dropped in an established fishery in disputed waters.

    We will see in due course whether ‘hell freezes over’, to quote Mr Picardo, or not.

  13. @FurtherBeyond, it’s perfectly legal to live in one EU country and work in another. These people are called “Frontier Workers” and there are EU regulations which govern their treatment, one of which means that they pay income tax, social security, etc in the territory or state where they work, not where they live, but through reciprocal arrangements can access healthcare, etc where they live. Better get used to it FutherBeyond, the number of Spanish residents working in Gibraltar who dodge tax, would be dodging Gibraltar taxes, so I’m not exactly sure how Spain has an interest in that?

    The concrete blocks were dropped perfectly legally. The fact that the waters are disputed by Spain is irrelevant, Gibraltar has legal competence for their management as the EU agrees, plus the area is not an “established fishery”, I don’t know where you get that nonsense from?

  14. Jejej…well spain “formally announced” it was a democracy but were still waiting on that one.

    “No need to worry about Spain’s little games. Gibraltar, just do what the UK does and completely ignore inconsequential Spain, there are far more important things to worry about than neo-fascist little Espana..lol..”……finally your getting it.

    Words are cheap which i why i suspect we hear so many coming from madrid. Im sure we will all be suprised if madrid actually manages to organise their side of the frontier well…..

    Gib could not and would not ever be returned to the fascists, no matter how much hot air you blow.

    Gibraltar is movig foward far quicker than spain could dream of…..i suspect thats why it hurts so much? Please enlighten me. As we all know, it wont be done by force or by the UN (as you like to copy and paste so often) or anyone else for that matter who actually understand rights and democracy

    So yeh, whats your grand plan? Here comes the copy and paste…yawn.

  15. Do you need to see the copy and paste of the eu ruling reg bunkering, concrete blocks etc…..or are they wrong now they sent your claims packing?

    So funny….1st world? Really people, really?

  16. There is no bilateral agreement between Spain and Gibraltar on taxation.
    If you live in Spain and work in Gibraltar, you are tax resident in Spain.

    Thanks to the upcoming new high tech border arrangement, it will be much easier to track down criminal tax dodgers of any nationality.

  17. There might not be a bilateral tax agreement between Spain and Gibraltar, Ciudadanos, but there is EU law covering frontier workers, and as everyone knows, when member state law conflicts with EU law, it is the EU law which applies. Get used to it!

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