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UK govt urged to address problems at Gibraltar’s border with Spain ‘as a matter of urgency’ 

CHAIR of the European Scrutiny Committee in the UK House of Commons, Sir William Cash MP, has called for Gibraltar border problems to be...

Confusion as Brits fall foul of beefed up Spanish border rules crossing from Gibraltar

MORE testimonials given to the Olive Press suggest border guards in Spain are now imposing increasingly strict rules for entry - without publicly advertising...

Concerns raised after Spain tightens checks on Brit travellers crossing border from Gibraltar

GIBRALTAR’S government has raised concerns over reports that Spanish police were refusing entry to British tourists at the border unless they could provide ‘valid...

Disgrace as Spanish border police stop Ukrainian refugee shipment of 1,500 fleeces and demand 25% tax

A GROUP of big-hearted Brits were left stunned when Spanish customs refused to let a van packed with aid for Ukraine cross from Gibraltar...

REVEALED: The contrasts between UK and Spanish rules for foreign travel and who has the final say

AMIDST dozens of Brits being flown back to the UK and others being refused journeys by UK airline staff, the Olive Press can report...

‘Fury’ at Spain’s Alicante Airport as 40 Brits deported back to UK after flight from Manchester

DOZENS of Brits arriving at Alicante-Elche airport yesterday were refused entry to Spain and sent back to Manchester on the SAME PLANE. Border guards had...

Spain and Portugal reopen border after coronavirus lockdown

SPAIN reopened its border with Portugal yesterday after a three month  closure to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and his...

Gibraltar residents are FINALLY able to cross into Spain to see loved ones

Locals will now be able to cross the border to Spain as long as they can prove that they are active residents of the Rock but must respect restrictions.

Thousands of British expats and Spaniards join forces for anti-Brexit protest on Spain-Gibraltar border

“Brexit, it affects Spanish people as much as British people, I just think it's really sad”

‘Tourism decline, six-hour border queues and ambulances stuck in traffic’ – the predictions in Gibraltar Government’s Brexit guide OUT...

he daily movement of people and goods across the Frontier would be ‘abnormally disruptive’

Medal-winning athlete dies in refugee boat after attempting to cross the Strait of Gibraltar from Morocco

A surviving friend said: “His dream was to be like Conor Anthony McGregor. He had his sights set on Spain to work and compete.”

Over 150 African immigrants scale two HUGE fences to enter Spain’s Ceuta in largest crossing for a year

The people of Benzu were heard shouting ‘welcome’, while there were even reports of locals helping treat migrants in their own homes

Gibraltar’s Chief Minister Fabian Picardo will ‘celebrate’ if Brexit cancelled

The Rock leader also warned the youngsters about the ‘dark days’ of the border closure issued by Fascist dictator General Franco in 1969

Five Guardia Civil officers jailed in Spain for tobacco smuggling through Gibraltar

The arrest of these Guardia Civil agents marks the second from the Spanish institution in less than a month

Spain tears down razor wire in Africa to stop injuries to migrants crossing border

Spain is the leading destination for migrants in Europe, with 40,598 arrivals already this year, with Andalucia bearing the brunt of this

Dozens of African migrants ‘missing’ after hundreds storm Spanish border

In total, some 400 people made it across the border

Gibraltar: Where have all the queues gone?

New lanes have been added and, generally, with the exception of rush hour you can get across the border in around 10 minutes

Close UK border petition founder lives in Spain

The irony is clearly lost on the expat

Three men skip France-Spain border and escape police chase

It is unknown if the men are connected to the Paris terrorist attacks

Franco’s Gibraltar siege

With the 40th anniversary of Franco’s death looming large next month we bring you 40 facts about El Caudillo

Border queues up to an hour for those walking across Spain-Gibraltar border

New e-gates cause delays for pedestrians who normally pass through without any waiting time

Governor of Gibraltar Sir James Dutton quits over Spanish aggression row

Sir James ended his term in office less than two years after taking the job

African suitcase boy allowed to stay in Spain

He has been granted temporary permission to stay so he can be reunited with his mother
Europa  e

Times they are a-changin’ in Gibraltar

It’s 30 years since Gibraltar’s frontier reopened after a 16-year nightmare and the Spanish are still up to their old borderline tricks but what a difference three decades make

Search for missing expat widens to southern Spain

EXCLUSIVE: Scottish man Jon Edwards went missing in Portugal in September





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