Photo via Youtube
Photo via Youtube

DOZENS of African migrants remain unaccounted for after hundreds stormed the border fence between Morocco and the Spanish enclave of Ceuta. 

In total, some 400 people made it across the border after breaking through a fence in the biggest border breach in a decade.

Most have now been detained but Spanish Minister Juan Ignacio Zoido has revealed that around 20% are still unaccounted for.

Those who have been detained remain at a detention centre on the border and will be repatriated in the coming weeks.


  1. With Africa’s median age of 19 and uncontrolled population explosion continuing unabated millions and millions more will be coming every year into the future. I remember seeing a play on the TV must have been late 80s/early 90s which portrayed this African exodus into Spain, made it all very believeable and now so true.

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