SpainSPANISH police are hunting for three men who skipped the France-Spain border late last night. 

Driving a BMW M3, the men of Arabian decent, failed to stop at the border and were chased along the AP7 by Spanish authorities.

After a 45 minute chase, the men got away as police failed to keep up.

The border had been shut following Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris.

It is unknown whether or not the men are connected to the attacks.


  1. Anyone who has even reasonable level of fitness and can walk as well as ride in a car can cross most borders with impunity. The Pyrenees has loads of footpaths that have been used by smugglers for centuries.

    The French/Belgian border has loads of minor roads and footpaths, so now, even the Jihadis are slobs.

  2. Jane G,
    my comment was specifically about their physical capabilities and nothing else. Thanks for your support about the French. Their reaction was exactly as I would have expected. So many have said ‘it’s because of what we are doing in Syria’. Politicians make wars but never fight them or suffer the consequences.

    Especially sad for France because they like the Germans had the good sense not to get dragged into the horror of the Iraq invasion which spawned ISIL.

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