POLICE are investigating another reported sighting of Madeleine McCann in the Nerja area.

Former prison worker and military man David Fullman (not actual name) spotted a blonde girl speaking Spanish in an English accent at the communal pool at the Tropicana apartment complex in La Herradura and was immediately reminded of Maddie.

After checking the online photo fit he immediately contacted police in the UK.

“A Spanish couple were by the pool with a very Spanish daughter and a blonde, white-skinned girl who looked English and spoke with an English accent,” said Fullman, who was on holiday with his wife at her parents apartment.

“I tried to take a photo but the parents were keeping an eye on me, it was obvious I was watching them so I didn’t want to make a scene or appear to be a pervert.

“She looked like the digital construction, but more like her mother.”

Fullman, currently enrolled in a university degree, added: “I felt like I had to report this, even if it leads to nothing.

Maddie disappeared from her bed in a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal in 2007, while her parents Kate and Gerry ate dinner nearby.

The Olive Press has reported on a string of previous alleged sightings of Maddie in the Axarquia.

British expat Rose Johnson, 70, believes she saw the missing girl playing on Penoncillo beach – between Torrox and Nerja – in the summer of 2011.

While in 2012, Spanish national police investigated a witness’ claim that Maddie had been seen walking in the town accompanied by ‘several people.

Another retired expat, Yvonne Tunnicliffe, claimed to be ‘100% sure’ that she had spotted Maddie at a Mercadona store in Alhaurin el Grande in 2010.


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  1. She would of course now be 12 years old, so not quite like your photo ! And we remember that DCI Redwood took the dogs to the area to look for human remains earlier this year. The same dogs that found April Jones and have now found Alice Gross. Interesting that he contacted British Police, rather than local ones who might have been able to do something ! Xenophobia rules, OK ! If David Fullman is not his actual name, why not just leave it out.
    Why invent something . . Ah, yes I just remembered – this is about Madeleine.
    Jon, Don’t bother publishing this !

  2. As Madeleine disappeared only 9 days before her fourth birthday then she would not be speaking with an English accent after 7 years surely?! Or are we to believe that she was being cared for by English speaking people and only in recent years passed onto a foreign family? Hardly likely is it!

    Besides, in the unlikely scenario that she had been abducted then no one is going to risk parading a child in public who has been kept in the headlines at every opportunity every year since she disappeared. She is too well known all around the world. Had things been quiet for the past 3 or so years then it may be a different matter…lulled into a false sense of security and all that.

    But, given that Scotland Yard employed dogs to the wastelands in Praia da Luz then it seems unlikely that she left the holiday apartment alive.

  3. More cruel nonsense. Strange how these “sightings” are never backed up with pictures despite cameras in phones being very simple to use with great discretion. There is always a zoom function too.
    Correct PM. Case dismissed.

  4. madeleine spoke to me in luz 2009 dec went back feb took video of girl, man, woman car reg number all pasted to police they lost the video ,they say its not there job to check the car reg number .the girl with blue eyes but they had no dark outer circle,contact lens in. if you can check how many people have no outer circle in there eyes as i have not seen any only this 1 girl .its a long story

  5. I have supplied info both to Pj in Portugal and Scotland Yard and to the Madeleine McCann foundation with photos of were she could be but just to be told that we can not work with this, because information is not reliable.

    I was under the information that all information is good till proven other wise they have been give photos of were she could be .

  6. it beggars belief that these people claim to see Maddie but never do anything about it till days,weeks after.I’ll be brash about it there’s a huge amount of money on offer over 2.5 million to whoever can find her and the papers would be banging down your door for the 5 mins fame attached to it all.I would make sure i got evidence hell yea go straight up to the people and say it they will either laugh it off or run off.
    There has probably been professional bounty hunters that have spent months trying to find her and failed.She has either been taken somewhere and never to be let out again or killed.

  7. I total agree if i truely thought i seen this little girl i would go right up to the people after taking a photo of her and confront the people. It can only go two ways the will take off or they will understand u are only trying to help only someone that is hiding something would get mad.Someone came to my door at summer time thinking my dog was there dog i had no problem with that at all. I know it wasnt and didnt blame them at all wanting to find out for sure

  8. people are strange…
    I’d blatantly take a photo.
    And talk to the parents (if it was safe to obviously).
    If anyone gets upset we can call the police together!!

    Anyone with a child that looks like Maddie, or anyone famous for that matter, is well used to strangers poking their noses in… its the way of the world.

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