7 Oct, 2014 @ 13:00
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Spanish lawyer wife of British Deputy PM says she doesn’t ‘want it all’

THE Spanish wife of UK Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has revealed that there is a problem with self-confidence in Spain, at a networking event for schoolgirls.

High-flying lawyer Miriam Gonzalez Durantez spoke to dozens of girls as part of the event at a Glasgow conference centre, in which schoolgirls were given the opportunity to meet a range of successful career women.

“Women are often asked about self-confidence, which is something men don’t necessarily experience,” said Gonzalez Durantez.

“This is something I really noticed in Spain. That there is an issue with self-confidence that we have to address.”

The 46-year-old mother-of-three hosted the conference for the charity Inspiring the Future, aimed at providing a positive message for state schoolgirls that they can have both a successful career and a family.

“What I would take issue with is the ‘have it all’. I never understand what people mean when they say have it all,” she insisted.

“I personally have never wanted to have it all like a general aim. I just want to have what men have.

“Lots of men have a successful professional life or what looks like success to them and they have put that together with a family.”

But she added that her own family life is very balanced, with Clegg taking his fair share of the chores around the house, even when Prime Minister Cameron is away and he is left running the country.

She concluded: “We have made lots of progress, but there is still progress to make.”

Imogen Calderwood

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  1. I’m not a fan of any of the party leaders but Cameron is a creepy liar, Miliband is smarmy, Farage is a complete liar and Clegg does at least seem to be trying to be more open, so I rate him the least bad of the lot.

  2. “I just want to have what men have.” Sounds like a pathetic whinge to me. She has much more than the vast majority of men in the world have. Yet another rich person completely out of touch with the lives of everyday people.

    Yes some men may have highly successful jobs (such as her husband) as well as family lives (as do many women do too). But these successful ´have it all´lives are ultimately achieved on the backs of the efforts of the ´have next to nothing´ women who work as their nannies, cleaners etc.

  3. You mean he’s the best con-man Christopher? Actually, I suppose, “least bad” is damning with faint praise, so I’ll change sweet shop to whelk-stall.

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