A MASSIVE anti-corruption crackdown has seen the arrest of 51 politicians, businessmen and construction company workers.

Raids across the country – including Madrid, Murcia, Leon and Valencia – saw the arrest of Francisco Granados, former number two in Madrid’s PP under Esperanza Aguirre, six former mayors of Madrid, and the president of Leon province Marcos Martinez Barazon.

The sting operation targeted people allegedly involved in a ‘kickbacks scheme’ during which public officials took secret payments for political favours.

Contracts worth roughly €250 million were awarded to businesses involved in the scheme, according to a statement issued by Spain’s anti-corruption prosecutor.

Money laundering, forgery, bribery and illegal negotiations by public officials are among the crimes now being investigated.

The operation has seen more than 400 banks accounts frozen, with 260 companies being investigated.

Granados is being investigated over a Swiss bank account allegedly containing €1.5 million.

Swiss authorities reported the account to Spain when he attempted to withdraw all the money in the account in 2012.

Granados resigned from all his political positions over the scandal, after initially denying the existence of the account before later admitting he held it from 1996 to 2000.

Another of the accused – in this case for revealing secrets – is a Guardia Civil officer, who allegedly told Francisco Granados that he was being investigated.

Sources close to the investigation have hinted that more arrests could yet be to come.

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  1. ONLY 51 ?!! Since the Elite of Spain were allowed to draft the Laws governing all – but favoring them, whether the alledged is a local Councillor or up to member of the royal family, the alleged will DIE OF OLD AGE before all the allegations, trials, appeals, appeals, et al.. are heard. And still, local authority does not get back the money.
    Justice?? – better to claim Political Asylum in the UK and get Unemployment + housing + child and health allowance benefits et al . VIVA THE UK and God Save The King!!

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