LET it never be said we don’t have fun at the British School of Marbella – although don’t take this black and white photo as proof!

In case you hadn’t guessed from the glum faces, we held a Victorian Day in Years 5 and 6 to help bring the era to life.

Ignoring comments from wittier members of staff that I was from the Victorian age, I commanded children to attend school dressed as Victorians – or else face the cane!

Of course I’m kidding, although swishing the cane at unruly teachers did give me something of a power trip.

We arranged desks in straight rows, added a chalkboard, and even blacked out the windows to create a suitably miserable Victorian atmosphere. We also had hand and nail inspections, times tables recitals, handwriting practise and dished out the infamous ‘dunce cap’.

We also held the eagerly-anticipated Peace Festival last month, to celebrate International Day of Peace.

Although the message to Give Peace a Chance was lost in translation on the Spanish dinner ladies, who insisted everyone gave their peas another chance at lunch time.

But thanks to youngsters selling handmade gifts, we raised €1,380 for the International Red Cross. A massive well done to pupils, parents and staff for their fundraising efforts!

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