19 Nov, 2014 @ 19:49
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Suspected paedophiles investigated in Granada after victim writes to Pope

A NUMBER of suspected paedophiles are under investigation after an alleged victim wrote to Pope Francis about sexual abuse he suffered as a child.

Charges are being filed against 12 people, 10 of them priests, prompting the Bishop of Granada to immediately remove some of them from active duty.

Pope Francis called the supposed victim, now a teacher, and encouraged him to file civil charges but also apologised on behalf of the Church for the abuse he suffered.

Granada’s Deputy Minister, Santiago Perez, said: “The investigation process has now been begun and everything is under a gag order, but I would not say that there is a paedophile network.

“Simply there are behaviours that are being investigated and from there we will have results very soon.”

A papal commission for the protection of minors has been set up by the Pope since his election in 2013 in the hopes to tackle clerical sex abuse and reform the way it is handled.

The Argentinian pontiff is committed to a zero tolerance policy regarding such crimes.



Jacqueline Fanchini (Reporter)

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  1. Waste of time writing to the Pope. The Vatican protects paedophiles as the law is Canon law which is ecclesiastical written by – the Vatican. When the Roman church signed concordants with countries, Canon Law was implemented, elevating the Vatican above the law.
    That is why the Pope will only move the offenders to a new country and Parish.
    The world needs a secular model, whereby religion has no special privileges and Canon Law abolished, then we can throw those Priest monsters to rot in jail.

  2. This filth has it’s tentacles everywhere. These monsters close ranks and have power into the highest reaches of governments, show biz and churches of all persuasions. Thanks to some very brave individuals coming forward, we are at last seeing into some very murky corners. Of course many perpetrators have died and escaped earthly justice but their deaths have made it possible to speak out. Now, current, live abusers are being confronted and in lots of cases being made to pay, in some measure, for their crimes. It may be worth allowing this latest pope some time to prove his mettle on this subject.
    If reports on his lifestyle are accurate, he seems to have at least some regard for the example of his carpenter mentor.
    Not sure it is Canon law that protects the abusers, more the Mafia-style Omerta which is practised by them in collusion with each other. In the same way as it is done in other spheres of life.

  3. stefaanjo,
    it’s all PR. he covered up lots of cases of paedaphile abuse in Argentina.

    So Derek openly supports paedaphiles with his comments. Oh yes and now he’s openly lying when e says e lives in Spain, still only as a holiday appartment.

  4. I know that Stuart, but unless the latest faker is given time to show his hand, the apologists will have at least a small amount of wriggle room. In the meantime he has given the nod for police [ineffectual] investigations to take place. Let’s see where that takes us. Or not.

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