Wednesday, August 12, 2020
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Junipero Serra: Saint or sinner?

To Pope Francis he was a Spanish missionary worthy of sainthood, to others he was the devil incarnate

Pope meets with Spanish transsexual

Pope holds meeting with a transsexual after being denounced by his priest as ‘the devil’s daughter’

Judge in Granada charges ten priests with child abuse

The accused have been charged with abusing four teenage boys between 2004 and 2007

Is Spain’s Catholic church on its knees?

The Spanish church is in freefall after a scandal exposed a sinister paedophile sect, praying on youngsters. Are its days of influence numbered, asks Jacqueline Fanchini and Tom Powell

UPDATE: Three Granada priests under investigation for child sex abuse have been arrested

Four of the twelve people being investigated have now been arrested as the inquiry continues

UPDATE: Suspected paedophile Granada priests acted like a sinister sect

Investigations have revealed how the group went about grooming young boys after a suposed victim drew attention to their activities

Suspected paedophiles investigated in Granada after victim writes to Pope

A college professor's written complaint to the Vatican has led to an investigation in Granada

Royals in the Vatican

Pope Francis hosted the new royal couple as part of their first official trip as king and queen

Spanish nuns miss Pope’s New Year call

Pope Francis leaves voicemail on Cordoban nuns' telephone