Spain priests
Priests asking for forgiveness in Granada

A JUDGE in Granada has charged 10 Roman Catholic priests and two other Catholic workers with child sex abuse.

The 12 are accused of abusing four teenage boys between 2004 and 2007.

The most serious offences allegedly took place in one of the priests’ houses.

Pope Francis telephoned one of the victims in November to offer his apologies after the man wrote a letter to the Vatican.

Following the call, the Archbishop of Granada, Francisco Javier Martinez, and fellow priests prostrated themselves in front of the altar of Granada’s cathedral to seek pardon for sexual abuse in the Church.


  1. Amazing… hard to believe… these 12 priests of the RC Church legally accused of sexual crimes against several minors, even though they REMONSTRATED THEMSELVES AT THE ALTAR PRAYING FOR FORGIVENESS ?!! May Justice prevail over all.

  2. Could always do to them what the Catholic church did to so many to ‘purify them across Europe for so many centuries.
    Now when will that apologist on the other thread turn up to defend them – we are waiting.

  3. What is wrong with the R.C. selection process that it allows 12 gay pedophiles into its ranks? Maybe the selectors are similarly bent? I hope all twelve get the sentences legal judgments dictates and that Church authorities severely scrutinize the selection process and the freedoms allowed priests in general.

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