Barcelona is home to Spain’s best universities – according to the US News and World Report rankings – the University of Barcelona coming top, followed by the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

The rest of Spain’s top five are the Autonomous University of Madrid, the University of Valencia and the Pompeu Fabra University – again in Barcelona.

The University of Granada came in seventh place, with the University of Sevilla coming in 12th.

All of the top 10 global universities are in the US or the UK. Harvard University took the number one spot, while Oxford came fifth and Cambridge came sixth.

Factors taken into account in the rankings include the university’s global and regional reputation, its academic research performance and data on faculty and PhD graduates.


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  1. The last time I looked at the world rankings Spain only had 3 inside the top 200 with if I remember correctly The university of Barcelona being ranked around 168 being the highest. The universtiy system here is very poor and is summed up with the fact that in a lot of subjects students have up to 5 attempts to pass the previous year. I.E a student can fail his first year exams and then can still be trying to pass them while 8 months into the second year, this hardly weeds out the weakest. I have had a couple of students work for me over the years and they said quite often they would walk out of retakes as they are too tough and wait for the next one.

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