ALL flights in and out of all London’s airports are suffering huge delays due to technical problems. 

Flights leaving Spain heading to London have been postponed following a computer failure in the UK.

As a result London airspace has been closed until 7pm and all London-bound flights are facing huge delays.

In a statement, air traffic controllers Nats confirmed a ‘technical problem’ at its Swanwick control centre in Hampshire.

It said ‘every possible action’ was being taken to resolve the problem.

Eurocontrol added: “There has been a failure of the flight data computer server at London Area Control Centre.

“Engineers are working on the problem and more information will be given when available.”


  1. Well Stansted is fairly new, as is East Midlands, and both are very busy. You have two airports, costing millions (a lot of it EU money) which see no planes, Castellon and Ciudad Real…

    Crappy? Considering the complexity of UK airspace and the traffic levels, it’s staggering this is the first time something like this has happened, and it’s hardly crappy. There have been two near-misses at BCN in the last year alone…

  2. Kb. What are you talking about? The UK is renowned worldwide as having the best ATC in the world. Just ask foreign pilots. During the relatively short time the computer was non-operational the ATC staff worked flat out to primarily ensure safety and to keep the delays and cancellations to a minimum. At the same time, more flights were cancelled because of industrial action in Italy than by this computer fault.

  3. Most of the negative new about UK, arent brought up by Olive press.
    Fair enough, they focus on topcis that have an incidence on expats.

    Having said this, every time positive news about spain is brought, their is 0 comments.

    But then again, Olive press readers are retired pensionist with a rascist mentality that just dont fit in modern Europe.

  4. Bring on the positive Spanish news then Newport.
    Warning; you may struggle, if you stray from the topics of sunshine and cheap wine. If you want a top racist, look a little closer to home, namely the current fan of El Valle De Los Caidos, who posts interminably on here.

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