TV chef Gordon Ramsay is seeking legal advice in Spain to combat his own kitchen nightmare.

The Scot has been locked in a four-year legal battle with ‘the worst cafe in Tenerife’ which goes by the name Gordon Ransay’s.

Ramsay claims his own organisation has received ‘thousands of complaints’ due to the imitation restaurant.

One reviewer on TripAdvisor labelled the Tenerife cafe ‘the worst food in Tenerife’ while another said she ‘had to wrestle a big cockroach for a table’.

Ramsay first took legal action against the restaurant in the holiday resort of Puerto Colon in 2010.

At the time a spokesperson for the restaurant – which sells ‘the coldest pint in town’ – said that it had been paying Ramsay to use his name.

Despite Ramsay’s continual protestations, the restaurant keeps thriving as unknowing diners mistake it for the real mccoy.

The Tenerife cafe serves up a full English breakfast for just €4.90 and offers all-day cocktails, while dinner in one of Ramsay’s London restaurants can cost up to €250 per person.

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  1. Yes very amusing! The oaf promoting publicity of himself by using foul and abusive language is now having publicity he doesn’t like. I hope he crawls back to his gutter. Why are all these cooks such media luvvies anyway. I’m reminded of the ‘Emperors New Clothes’ every time I hear of these waste of spaces and their sycophants.
    I’m looking forward to seeing Jamie Olivier, Ainsley Harriet, Marco Pier White etc knock offs appearing everywhere. Just a shame the food in the Tenerife one is disappointing.
    Used to love Keith Floyd and Fanny Craddock

  2. @John, the oaf you refer to has multiple Michelin stars and has recovered many flagging restaurants over the past decade. Yes, he swears a lot, but people are judging him on his food, not his vocabulary, and on that point he is rated highly. The best thing about Ramsay is that he helps us avoid some of the worst restaurants. How about a nice meal at Jack’s Chicken Shack? lol.

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