MORE than 1,000 migrants have made an over-night attempt to scale the border into Spain, at the enclave of Melilla.

The migrants made the attempt in several large groups at different points along the border, but none successfully made the crossing.

As a boost to border security, extra Spanish Guardia Civil officers and Moroccan security forces took part in the operation, which included helicopters circling the area.

Early in December, the Spanish parliament approved a public security bill to enable officers to expel migrants who illegally enter the country without first considering their asylum bids.

Human rights groups, including Human Rights Watch, the United Nations and the European Commission, have all slammed the bill’s anti-democratic nature.

More than 100 migrants entered Melilla on December 30, after hundreds attempted the crossing and overwhelmed border security officers.

More than 4,600 undocumented migrants entered the Spanish enclave during 2014.


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