TODAY marks the seventh anniversary of the demolition of a British couple’s Spanish home in Almeria.

Len and Helen Prior had their property bulldozed in Vera in January 2008 over ‘planning irregularities’.

This was despite having the correct paperwork signed off from the town hall.

Since the demolition, carried out under instructions from the Junta de Andalucía, the couple have lived in their garage which escaped the wrecking crew.

Helen Prior told Business over Tapas newsletter: “The Vera ayuntamiento has finally replied to our barristers’ request for compensation (through the courts).  This is the final conflict as the Supreme Court said there would be no further appeals.

“Vera will obviously try to give us as little as possible. Hopefully it will be over in the next few months.”

The area of their property was built on is not on the coast, not in a ‘flood plain’, not in a protected area nor indeed in a natural reserve.


  1. The politicians in Andalucia have made a complete mess.

    The random demolitions have frightened off potential buyers.

    Other illegal buildings are going to be legalised on-block, making a mockery of planning laws and encouraging yet more illegal building.

  2. Lenox, the damage caused by this policy of mass destruction is immeasurable. I can guarantee that Andalucia would be a different place today had this not happened. Just think how good it could be if it was run properly, the whole place could be transformed.

    Will they learn by this very costly mistake? Will they legalise the existing properties and create new, workable and enforceable laws?

  3. From the Prior’s garage, you can see a house, which is illegal – over 400 metres built on an original 80 metre footprint.

    The owners are a Junta employee and his wife who I believe used to work for Vera TH?

    Why hasn’t this been demolished?

    Why haven’t the Priors or their representatives lobbied the ECHR?

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