THE UK’s deputy prime minister ended up praising Spanish character traits after experiencing mixed reactions for referring to his wife as ‘truly Spanish’.

Last week when asked who was more even-tempered, during a joined interview with wife Miriam Gonzalez Durantez, Clegg hesitantly pointed at himself saying ‘Miriam is truly Spanish’.

During Nick Clegg’s weekly LBC radio phone-in yesterday a caller named Manuala requested that the politician explain what he meant by the description.

“Oh dear,” began Clegg, “I’m going to get into trouble with Manuala and Miriam and thousands of Hispanic listeners to the show. Thank you for putting me on the spot.

“That means that the Spanish are a magnificent people and one of the things they pride themselves on is the forcefulness with which they express their opinions and the way in which they don’t hide their emotions.”

The liberal democrat said he thought it is ‘a great, great virtue’ and when the show’s presenter suggested Clegg had meant ‘hot-tempered’ the deputy prime minister retorted: “Wash your mouth out! Wash your mouth out! They are a forthright people.”

In the follow-up to the upcoming general elections Clegg has made a point of saying that it had never crossed his mind to use his wife’s growing popularity as a campaigning tool.

The couple are great advocates of equality within relationships with Clegg saying that not one person wears the trousers in their home and that they do in fact ‘share trousers’.


  1. I did’nt believe he could enhance his plonker rating any higher but to talk about the ‘Spanish’ as if they are one homogenous people, hilarious, spoken by one who has never traveled extensively through a very diverse country, where surprise the people are very diverse in how they present themselves.

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