A BRITISH pilot has been jailed for flying an executive plane from Spain to England while still drunk from a three-day binge.

Ian Jennings, 47, was breathalised and arrested upon landing at Norwich Airport, after someone on the flight became suspicious.

He was found to be three times the legal limit for a pilot.

The Judge at Norwich Crown Court sentenced Jennings to nine months in prison, while his pilot licence has been suspended by the Civil Aviation Authority.

His barrister admitted Jennings may have been over the limit due to ‘topping up’ after a period of heaving drinking, while celebrating his engagement.

Judge Holt said: “Some eight or nine hours earlier you must have been considerably higher than the level detected.”

“You must have been drinking considerably the night before you went to the airport.

“The public must have 100 per cent confidence that pilots in this country are 100 per cent sober.

“The devastation you could have wreaked, not only to passengers but also on the ground, goes without saying.”

He had been flying a millionaire scrap metal dealer from Palma de Mallorca.

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