A FORMER Medina Sidonia mayor is standing for re-election to the same post in May despite having a court case hanging over his head.

Medina Sidonia's 'muralla salada' town wall project
Medina Sidonia’s ‘muralla salada’ town wall project

And he’s not the only one – a total of 20 mayors and ex-mayors from five regions and almost 100 councillors are, or have been, in the docks for misconduct.

Francisco Carrera was accused in March 2014 of an alleged perversion of justice and irregular payments through a restoration project of Medina Sidonia’s town wall.

He was also accused of bribery and misconduct in 2006, involving leading a ‘political persecution’ against the then leader of the PP party, as reported by El Pais.

Carrera, a member of the PSOE, is one of four of the 44 socialist candidates standing for local elections with unresolved court cases against them.

The others include the mayor of Barbate (Rafael Quiros) and the mayoral candidates for Vejer (Antonio Verdu), Jimena (Pascual Collado) and Medina Sidonia (Francisco Carrera).

Susana Diaz, the president of the Junta de Andalucia, travelled to Cadiz last week for the first big socialist election rally.

But her ‘absolute integrity’ policy is compromised by the pending corruption cases of her subordinates.


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