16 Feb, 2015 @ 16:50
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British multi-millionaire property investor who avoided tax for 24 years could be in Spain

IN SPAIN: Bloomfield
BLOOMFIELD: Have you seen him in Spain?

A MULTI-MILLIONAIRE British property investor who failed to pay taxes for 24 years is reportedly living in Spain.

Entrepreneur Paul Bloomfield enjoyed a life of luxury with several homes, a helicopter and private jet without submitting a single tax return. However, he has not yet been prosecuted by tax officials.

Nicknamed Boom Boom Bloomfield after a series of highly lucrative property deals in the eighties, he has now emerged as one of those who had offshore accounts with HSBC in Switzerland.

The bank has been the subject of a major scandal after it came to light that thousands of its British customers were encouraged to set up the offshore accounts.

Bloomfield, who helped organise the financing of the new Wembley stadium in 2003, met HMRC investigators in 2011 but told them he did not own an offshore bank account, any property or have any income of his own.

But the HSBC files given to HMRC reportedly show Bloomfield did have an offshore account with the bank in 1993.

Tax officials were said to have not believed his denials about not having any income and concluded he was liable for tax for the past 20 years, but he was not prosecuted.

Have you seen Bloomfield?

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Tom Powell

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  1. So a benefit cheat is not a villain, there are so many benefit cheats in the UK that what this bloke may have cheated the UK out of probably pales into insignificance, they should all be severely dealt with.

  2. John Lightfoot,
    what rubbish you spout – due to tax evasion and avoidance, between £60-70 billion is lost each year to the UK treasury.

    The UK would have no economic problems at all if this was collected by whatever means are nec. I think the mafia way would be entirely appropriate for these tax dodging scumbags – make them an offer they can’t refuse – delivered by Special Forces troops anywhere in the world.
    It is estimated that around £1.2 billion is lost to benefit fraud BUT this money is then spent in the UK economy, unlike the billions and billions stashed away in tax havens.

    Tax dodgers are traitors in the real sense of the word and should be dealt with as such – are you a tax dodger John?

  3. I never looked at it that way and by the way I am not a Tax dodger. But I may now look at using the benefit system to help the economy. I know people on benefit that get more than me and I work for myself running a campsite and I thought I was doing the right thing .. here I come unemployment, got to help the economy.

  4. Tax AVOIDANCE is perfectly LEGAL, tax EVASION is ILlegal – looking at how our “governments” waste taxpayers’ money, only a fool would pay more tax than legally obliged to. Hence Tax Attornies’ growth

  5. Tax avoidance is legal but does’nt make it right does it?

    Parasitic accountants who earn fortunes saving fortunes for the uber rich contribute what exactly to the economy – nothing.

    But the vast majority of tax payers are caged in the PAYE system and don’t get the chance to ‘avoid’ tax do they, they get hammered every week – what a shame the Brits like the Spanish are so passive.

    The saying goes that ‘a people get the government and corruption they deserve’ true in spades for Spain and the UK.

    • It’s the system that’s wrong then not the people. If Coca Cola want to legally avoid paying tax in Britain so they can expand say in Mexico and our tax laws allow it free from tax then why shouldn’t they do that. Fact is people on PAYE have very little ways to avoid tax but that’s because the system is like that.
      Governments encourage companies to avoid tax in the hope they will invest that money into another venture in the same country. But of course as soon as a recession is on or the coffers are bare they go chasing the same companies and label them as thieves. You can’t have it both ways. You either encourage investment by allowing tax avoidance or you tax every penny alienating companies who may well then leave your jurisdiction. Starbucks got panelled yet how many UK jobs have they created and paid NI on?
      It is every man’s duty to avoid paying his taxes said a very senior judge way way way back in history. Now they even tax your pension money that they’ve already had tax off. No wonder people hide their wealth they have EARNED!

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