Caminito del Rey in El Chorro, photo by Tom Powell
Caminito del Rey in El Chorro, photo by Tom Powell

TICKETS for the reopening of the Caminito del Rey are to go on sale from midday today. 

Spain’s deadliest walkway at El Chorro near Malaga will be opened to the public on March 28.

Admission will be free for the first six months, allowing up to 600 visitors a day to take on the death-defying path.

Although a wooden pathway has been fixed to the cliff face 100m above the gorge, helmets will still be compulsory to visit the walk.

The 110-year-old Caminito del Rey has been a crumbling, forbidden walkway for over a decade.

It will be open from Tuesday to Sunday, 10AM-2PM in the winter and 10AM-5PM in the summer.

For tickets and more information visit

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  1. The website for the reservations is struggling to keep up with the hits…. It has crashed quite a few times today but I am sure they will work out the issues as time goes by and the initial flurry of people calms down…. I got my reservation today for 11th of April which was the only date available… All earlier dates were booked…. :)

  2. No doubt another popular tourist venue for Andalucia!! Does the entry price include any accident insurance? medical coverage? guarantee of liability from local/regional/national gov’t/ EC officials? funeral expenses? Compensation? Hold Harmless Agreement? Insurance sales to visitors? but you can borrow a safety helmet for the 50 meter fall !
    ….. et al.
    Abogados – please form up on the right & take a number. Menu del dia provided until called.

  3. Best of Spain?—–What a totally inaccurate and silly comment to make….

    Firstly, yes, if you actually bothered to read any information on either the official website at “” or the unofficial website “” you will have seen that all visitors are covered by accident insurance so long as they follow the very easy ti understand rules and regulations… very, very simple…

    Secondly, in 24 hours the system registered over 12,000 visitors to the site and sent out over 10,000 permissions for the footpath. I got my permit for the 11th of April which was the earliest date I could get…. Where do you think those 10,000 people that wouldn’t normally visit the area wll eat?… the economical impact on an area with a very high unemployment rate is obviously going to be affected in a very positive way…

    Thirdly, the only people that need their own insurance are climbers that will be allowed FREE access to get to climbing routes below the Caminito… they have to show their public liability insurance before entering the area…

    Just a thought… get on the website, book a day to go, take a train there, enjoy yourself, eat in a local restaurant and if they are available buy a mug in a gift shop…. Help the local economy and stop slagging off something which is probably one of the best ideas to come out of the Malaga diputacion for years.

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