Foto Joan Hunt with patient on terrace 06-2007 Foto by Harvey Ma
HONOURED: Joan Hunt set up Cudeca 23 years ago

THE founder and President of Cudeca, Joan Hunt, is set to receive the 2015 Andalucia Day award.

Andalucia Day takes place tomorrow, and the Junta has chosen to recognise a small group of people and organisations for the work towards helping the community.

Joan Hunt set up Cudeca 23 years ago and it has since developed into a pioneer in palliative care for patients in the advanced stages of terminal illness.

Cudeca organises has its own hospice and also organises home visits, supported by fundraising events, shops and donations.

As well as Cudeca, the Junta will honour leading oncologist  Dr. Emilio Alba,  film director Enrique García,  University of Málaga professor, Eugenio Luque,  national handball team player Marta López,  school CEIP Bergamin,  Asprodisis Association,  painter Carlos Monserrate,  pianist Paula Coronas and Alejandra Catering Company.


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