abroad fraud photoTV company ITN is searching for information on benefits cheats based in Spain for a documentary on ‘abroad fraud’.

The company is investigating individuals who live in Spain while illegally claiming benefits in Britain.

A new campaign cracking down on ‘abroad fraud’ in Spain was launched by the UK department for work and pensions last October.

More than €100 million was lost to benefit thieves cheating the system from abroad cases in 2013 alone.

If you know an individual committing abroad fraud or would be willing to provide any information, please contact newsdesk@theolivepress.es or call 0034 951 273 575


  1. Whilst in no way condoning benefit fraud, I would like to know what they are going to do about benefits paid to people both foreign and domestic who have never paid into the system and the billions sent abroad each year to be misappropriated by African warlords and corrupt politicians. The sums involved there make 100 million look like small change.

  2. To Peter re: BENEFIT FRAUD IN UK – contact Teresa May, she has the answers and NONE of the solutions taking ZILLIONS of UK Tax Payer’s money. Or, Contact Davy Cameron (you’ve heard of him?) and ask same questions – he has NONE of the answers and none of the solutions. Idea-
    VOTE UKIP for taxation WITH PUBLIC’S representation – neither Labour or Tories provide that.

  3. Have to say I agree with all of your posts, and I warm to UKIP even if it may be short-lived just to bloody the noses of the likes of the Bullingdon Club boys. So many Tories I know are voting UKIP, I don’t think Cameron and co realise the unrest.

    Just my opinion but I really hope the UK has a referendum and it’s a ‘NO’ to the EU, get back in control of our own finances and, cut overseas aid unless it’s for catastrophes, not for their space programmes and tin-pot leaders pocketing the money.

    How much abroad fraud money will the UK recover, and how much will the UK spend trying?

  4. Be careful what you wish for (as expats) regarding UK dumping the EU. Fortress Britain will then dump YOU! State pensions will freeze, no more free-(ish) health care, no more free movement of people and trade, (if you are lucky enough to have a job or business here) It’s too easy to forget the benefits of belonging to the EU in the froth of anger at it’s failings.

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