HE found love, and now he’s launched a business: the Scottish expat who has found true happiness on the Costa del Sol.

Sandy Buchanan
Sandy Buchanan

Sandy Buchanan – celebrating 30 years as a self-employed financial adviser this year – ‘couldn’t be happier’ after making the move to the coast.

The 61-year-old is now launching his own financial advisory service on the coast and is looking for both clients and collaborators as well as ‘introducers’.

“The main thing is getting my name out there,” he told the Olive Press. “I have all the experience I need with years in the business, now it’s just a case of making sure people know I’m here.”

Sandy – who married last year – has been living in Spain for two years, in the campo halfway between Granada and Cordoba, but has moved to Cancelada to set up home with his wife Vanessa.

“I came out here mainly for the weather, but it’s definitely a permanent move,” says Sandy.

“Spain has everything I could possibly need in a place. I’ve got a lot of experience, but of course that does take quite a few years, so I’m getting on a bit now.

“I thought it would be a good idea to find somewhere I could think of as a permanent home, and to retire to when I’m ready.

“But I’m certainly still young enough to want to have fun, and Spain is ideal for both those needs.”

And despite the move to the Costa del Golf, Sandy confesses to being one of the few financial advisers that doesn’t play.

“I’m all about a good walk – which there are plenty of round here – and wining and dining. So I’m always taking advantage of all the great places to eat near my office in Marbella.”

But it’s play hard, work hard for Sandy, who is currently spending all his time preparing for some upcoming exams, to keep up-to-date with the latest advances in the financial world.

“I like to keep learning and keep involved, because I always do things properly or not at all. And that goes for both my work and personal lives,” he adds.

Sandy is with the renowned MountRock group – an international network of advisors. This means that he is fully-legal worldwide and trained in all aspects of consultancy work including retirement plans, saving, investments, offshore banking and wills.

“Before you do anything like buy a property or make an investment out here – as so many people are wont to do – it’s worth talking to someone like me first,” he adds.

“I can either come and visit people, whether they are on the coast or in the campo, or I can send them brochures so they can find out all the information on their own terms. I’m not into the hard sell.”

To contact Sandy, email him on sandy.buchanan@mountrockgroup.com or call 620 369 660.

To find out more about the MountRock group, visit www.mountrockgroup.com


  1. I see he’s looking for ‘clients’, ‘collaborators’ (plenty of collaborators all over the CDS much to the distress of many clients), and of all things ‘introducers’ ah yes that one is probably commission led which caused many problems in the past.

    Not so long ago I was asked to become an ‘introducer’ on the Coast near our property, commission for introducing in 1st instance, more commission if it led to a completion and I’m not even in the business. also to do the same for them but in the UK, all at my expense driving miles. It shows how anyone can become an agent/financial consultant/peanut seller on the CDS

    I said I’d rather keep my integrity intact and rather watch the so called newbie experts, then warn others of malpractices!

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