WELCOME to the second edition of the Olive Press’ special Property magazine.

propertyfrontpageAppearing bi-monthly with the newspaper, it offers an incisive, in-depth look at the burgeoning property market on the Costa del Sol and inland.

Keeping you updated on the fast-moving market, with the latest statistics, changes to the law and useful up-to-date information, it will also focus on ideas for your home.

Featuring a range of articles and interviews, we hope it will become an essential tool for buying and selling your home in southern Spain.

We hope you enjoy it and would like to say thanks to all the agents and advertisers for supporting this launch. We hope you will continue with us over the coming years.

Do not hesitate to contact us with feedback, ideas or to advertise in the next edition out in May. Email jon@theolivepress.es.

Yours sincerely,
Jon Clarke, Publisher


  1. @Derek, my friend, pointing out the soaring eviction rate is not “berating Spain”, it is merely pointing out the realities of the country that you hide away from discussing. Don’t shoot the messenger. Anyway, I thought you were not visiting this website any more? Only a sap would say they don’t visit a website and then posts more replies lol.

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