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Boom time: Spain’s property market on the up with help from foreign buyers

Mark Stücklin of Spanish Property Insight explores how foreign buyers are fuelling a property boom in Spain.

Over three quarters of expats oppose Catalan independence ahead of historic vote

OVER 75% of expats living in Catalunya are vehemently opposed to the region obtaining independence, according to a survey run by Spanish Property Insight. Shockingly,...

Foreign demand for Spanish property up 16% in the first quarter of 2016

Demand was up 16% in the first quarter of 2016 with a strong British market despite Brexit fears and a weaker pound, writes Mark Stucklin of Spanish Property Insight

Booming July predicted for estate agents in Spain following ‘pause’ in run-up to EU referendum

Spain and Gibraltar’s realtors prepare for boom following Brexit leadup uncertainty

Spanish property market: Positive, but not naive

The year started well for sales and at least one top economist is cautiously optimistic, writes property pundit Mark Stucklin

Leaving the Spanish propery crisis behind

Spanish Property Insight’s Mark Stucklin looks back at 2015 as the year that restarted the country’s property market

No need to flap over Cameron win

Property expert Mark Stucklin is convinced that a Conservative election win is excellent news for the Spanish property market… even with a in-out referendum on the horizon

Forever blowing bubbles

It's not just premium areas on the Costa del Sol that are recovering rapidly. All over Europe, property prices and sales are surging in select spots where demand outstrips supply and where the wealthy want to buy

Expert Mark Stucklin: How the Costa del Sol property market is steaming ahead

Property expert Mark Stucklin explains why there is light at the end of the tunnel for Spain’s property market - and in particular on the Costa del Sol

New property magazine for southern Spain from the Olive Press team

It offers an incisive, in-depth look at the burgeoning property market on the Costa del Sol and inland

Marbella property market emerging from economic crisis

Marbella seems to be in its best year since the crisis began as the amount of buyers is surging




Spain’s opposition leader welcomes early elections but accuses PM of distracting attention from PP’s gains

THE LEADER of Spain’s main opposition Popular Party, Alberto Nuñez Feijoo, today accused Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez of calling a snap general election in...


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