THE weekend brought with it a very tranquil couple of days in the sun exploring Sevilla.

Not having a timetable to stick to was a pretty welcome change after a week of lessons, and it was lovely to have so much time to see the city – most of which was spent strolling around a Roman market in the Alameda and eating cake.

With lessons until gone 2pm, and cultural activities lined up by Clic for the afternoons, I’ve been really surprised by how busy the days are. And it seems like most people at Clic manage to have pretty full evenings too, with all the students keen to meet new people.

This week has already seen lots of Spanish practice, with a viewing of ‘La Gran Familia Espanola’ (which I couldn’t recommend more) with the cinema club, and a trip to the Museo de Bellas Artes.

Yesterday was St Patrick’s Day and with the number of American students at the school it seemed like the majority of students were feeling pretty ropey today. But when you’re in bars full of Spanish people it’s difficult not to get in some conversation practice as well. Every little helps.

Phrase of the day: nunca te dice las cosas a la cara – a good way to describe someone who likes to talk about others behind their backs.

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