THERE’S nothing like a spot of tile-painting to while away the afternoon and help you forget about the subjunctive for a rare moment.

And Triana is just the place. The neighbourhood is just a short walk across the bridge from the city centre, and is famed across the world for its ceramics industry.

But it’s not just the professionals that have the chance to get creative in Triana, it’s also the students from Clic, in a tile painting workshop to find out just how it’s done.

I’ve yet to see the finished result post-cooking, but all will be revealed this evening when I go to collect my very own tile.

The school also organised an intercambio this week, at a bar in Plaza del Salvador, which turned into a surprisingly long evening. It was good to get back to using Spanish as a means of communication, having spent a few days again trying to wrap my head around the subjunctive.

Although it looked like there was a pretty unbalanced ratio of English to Spanish speakers at first (with only two Spaniards to take on around 30 English-speakers), things soon evened out.

Tomorrow we’re off to Granada, for a weekend of Alhambra, shopping and Spanish of course. Having already visited the city once and decided it’s easily one of my favourite places in Andalucia – which is really saying something – I can’t wait to go back.

Word of the day: ‘Dar a luz’ – literally, something along the lines of ‘to give light’ – which strikes me as a very bizarre way to say ‘to give birth’.

Find out more about Clic language school here.


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