THE sun has finally got his hat back on and the whole of Sevilla has come out to celebrate.

Add to that the red velvet-covered fences that are currently lining the streets in preparation for Semana Santa and you get a pretty festive feeling in the city.

I got to witness the spectacle of Semana Santa – or Holy Week – last year in Estepona and Ceuta and the whole thing was pretty impressive. But I’ve heard the rumours that Sevilla is the best place in the whole of Spain to see it, and I’m pretty excited.

The cultural events planned at Clic for next week almost entirely revolve around the festival, with culture classes galore and school trips to see the processions from the most beneficial viewpoints.

In other news, it feels like progress is in the air for my abysmal grasp of prepositions and my hours of cramming the irregular preterito indefinido verbs is finally paying off.

Have also hooked myself up to the language app Duolingo for some out of hours practice. But beware Spanish fans, it seems to think ‘agua’ is feminine…

Word of the day: ‘poner los cuernos’ – to put the horns on someone or, in other words, cheat on them.

And there’s a punctuation of the day today as an added treat: ‘puntos suspensivos’, or an ellipsis. But I feel like ‘suspence dots’ really capture the drama.

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