The group was on its way to Benidorm

A ‘disruptive’ stag party was kicked off a Ryanair flight to Spain after reducing an air steward to tears.

The group of 20 from Wrexham were planning to enjoy a weekend in Benidorm before groom Wayne Roberts’ wedding next month.

The flight attendant said he couldn’t cope with the group and burst into tears.

The pilot ordered party to leave the aeroplane which was approved by the airline.

The group lost over £4,000 between them as a result and the groom is said to be devastated.

Each member of the party has lodged a formal complaint with Ryanair and they reportedly received no warnings before being asked to leave.

A spokesman for Ryanair has denied that the group was treated unfairly.

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  1. the steward needs to man up the group were probably a little bit tipsy before they got on the plane and a little bit noisy on plane so what is this a good excuse to eject them of the plane i think not i find it annoying when there is a lot of children on the plane misbehaving should the parents be ejected of plane for there children misbehaving . The flight attendant said he could not cope with the group i dread to think how he would handle a crisis situation on the plane the appropriate action should have been some form of formal warning to the group if there behavior continues you will be escorted by police of the plane

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