A ‘GIANT’ walked the dusty paths of Andalucia a millennium ago, scientists have discovered.

Giant bones
Giant bones

The man, who could have been over seven foot tall, was probably Jewish and died at the age of 30.

His remains were discovered by a dog walker in the countryside, near Lucena, when a bypass was constructed around the Cordoba town in 2006.

After analysis, one bone – a human femur – was found to be abnormally big and he had a huge jaw of 10 inches wide, compared to the 7.5 inch average at the time, which points to gigantism.

The site has emerged to be that of a big Jewish cemetery, where slaves were kept before being distributed to Muslim leaders around the peninsula.

Carbon dating traces his death to around 1050 and his remains are being kept at Granada University.

He is being compared to Irish giant Cornelius Magrath, who was seven feet, one inch tall, and died in 1760.


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