INTERNATIONAL tourists spent a total of €6,500 million in Spain during the first two months of the year.spain beach

This represents an 8% increase on last year, with the average tourist also spending 3.4% more, up to €1,018. While the average daily tourist expenditure increased by 5.4% to €113.

Andalucia was the region with the greatest year-on-year increase, at 18%, followed by the Balearic islands (13.4%) and Madrid (13%).

Tourists from the United Kingdom were the biggest foreign spenders, with an increase of 10.6% from the first two months of 2014.

They spent over €1,100 million in total, with Germans second thanks to a €911 million spend and Italians third on €298 million.

The biggest increases in Spanish spending came from the United States and Belgium.


  1. Quite right Fred, it appears Dick Nessfield/GUAQ doesn’t understand exchange rates and how they’ve improved for Brits, but then he’s never visited the CDS where Andalusia saw the greatest increase.

    When countries become so cheap like Greece and Spain and Europe in general then it makes financial sense to holiday in the sun. We’ve just returned after a few weeks in our place and found eating out cheaper, but golf is still well overpriced despite the exchange rate.

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