A QUARTER of Spanish people believe the Sun revolves around the Earth, and not the other way round. sun

While 30% think that humans once lived alongside dinosaurs, according to the latest Social Perception of Science survey. A further 11.5% disagreed that humans are descended from animals.

However, the startling results are still an improvement on 2006, when almost half the population thought dinosaurs and humans had co-inhabited the earth, and 40% thought the sun orbited us.

The number of correct answers overall in the survey rose from an average 58% to 70%, suggesting scientific knowledge is on an upward trend.

But still around 27% consider homeopathy ‘very or fairly scientific’ and 14% pay attention to astrology.

Almost 43% do not yet know what fracking is, compared to 24% of people who are against it and 17% who see it as a positive advancement.


  1. It does take quite the fool to imagine that humans evolved from animal life whch evolved from other life which originated from the serendipitous action of chemicals reacting to sunlight…however those came to be. When I look at a Rolex, I know there was a master craftsman behind it.

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