SPAIN has joined Britain and France in rejecting the EU plan to impose migrant quotas on member states. Migrants are seen in a boat during a rescue operation by Italian navy ship San Marco off the coast to the south of the Italian island of Sicily

Spain rejected the plan to share the migrant burden, claiming it had already done a lot to help refugees and could not justify compulsory quotas.

The future of the plan, unveiled by the European Commission last week, is now in doubt due to the resistance from major member states.

It is a part of a series of measures drawn up by the EC to combat the increasing numbers of migrants arriving on its shores, often via highly dangerous means.

It also includes potential military action against smuggling networks, specifically destroying smuggling boats, which has again been met with controversy.

Under the quota plan, each of the 28 member states would be required to accept a number of asylum seekers based on the size of its economy, population and unemployment level, as well as other factors.

Britain opposed the quote system from the beginning on the grounds that all migrants should be taken to the nearest country for processing.

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