FUTURISTIC: Jessica Minh Ahn will host the show at Sevilla’s Gemasolar power plant

THE world’s first solar-powered fashion show is set for Sevilla this summer.

Model and entrepreneur Jessica Minh Anh will host the show at Gemasolar, a futuristic power plant which will house a 100-metre catwalk, on July 17.

The J Summer Fashion show aims to promote the most exquisite designs from 5 continents, but also the best of advanced technology and environment preservation.

The show, in which Jessica will also star, is to be staged in the middle of Gemasolar, surrounded by thousands of shining mirrors.

The plant is the first in the world to produce 24-hour-a-day electricity using just the power of the sun and has been used as the backdrop for Mercedes Benz adverts, as well as Ford and also Louis Vuitton.

Manager Raul Mendoza Ruiz said: “Gemasolar is an international symbol of the next generation of power plants and represents the future, just as Jessica does in fashion.

“We look forward to fascinating the world with a mixture of high technology and high fashion in this particular project.”

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