fiestas-sanjuanJUNE has arrived, which means San Juan is just around the corner.

The festival of San Juan is a magical night, celebrated on the June 23, that welcomes the start of the summer season – the summer solstice.

San Juan takes place on the beaches of Spain during the shortest night of the year with roaring bonfires, drinks, food and the company of friends.

Legends, tradition and magical rituals are connected by two common elements:  fire and water. It is also believed to be a night of paranormal events, and superstitions.

Many people jump over bonfires so their problems will burn away, and after midnight if you take a dip in the sea the water purifies your soul and body.

I experienced my first San Juan last year in Almería, but what was meant to be a magical night turned into a miserable start to the summer.

It rained! The one night that me and my friends really wanted to celebrate and it poured down.

However our night was not ruined. Even though we stayed in, we still had fun playing a game of Pictionary.

We even engraved three wishes onto candles and let them burn for the rest of the night. One of my friends explained that if we let them burn then our wishes would come true.

We never got to jump over the bonfires or swim in the sea, but we did manage to watch the celebrations on the balcony, as the rain fell down on to us.

I hope this year it doesn’t rain and I can go to the beach with friends and welcome the summer the right way. If it does rain, then I will run out and let if purify my body and soul.

Claire Thomas

About Claire Thomas

Originally from Kent, I moved to Spain with my parents when I was 10 years old. I was thrown into the deep end when I was put into the Spanish education system with no grasp of the language.I'm now 22 and my friends all call me an “Española”. Since passing my Bachillerato (English Baccalaureate) I have worked in shops and bars and I have also taught Spanish to ex-pats. I have a keen interest in writing as well as travelling and one day I hope to become a writer.

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