26 Jun, 2015 @ 16:23
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Tunisia hotel in horrific terrorist attack is Spanish-owned

tunisia attack
Photo from Instagram of Tunisian resort
Photo from Instagram
Photo from Instagram

ONE of the two Tunisian hotels that was the site of a horrific terrorist attack today is Spanish-owned.

A minimum of 27 people, mostly tourists, have been killed in a cold-blooded attack on the beach in the resort town of Sousse.

One gunman was shot dead at the scene and the other is being pursued, the interior ministry claims.

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy confirmed one of the two beachside hotels, the hotel Riu Imperial Marhaba in Port el Kantaoui is Spanish-owned.

The hotel is owned by Spain’s RIU Hotels & Resorts which has over 100 hotels across 19 countries.

The company’s media office said the hotel’s board of directors was holding an emergency meeting following the attack.

The media office had no immediate comment on what happened or the victims’ nationalities but said the company will issue a statement in due course.

The terrorist risk in Tunisia was ramped up in March when 22 people, again mainly tourists, were killed in a museum in the country’s capital of Tunis.

Iona Napier

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  1. This was a horrific attack and no doubt carried out by a radical ISIS sympathiser. It’s time for the world to wake up and for the apologists to back off and realise that these terrorists would shoot them as soon as look at them. I hope Spain has adequate measures in place.

  2. Good comments Jane. The Isis threat is spreading right across North Africa and will affect Morocco at some stage. They boast of entering Andalucia too, and whilst that could be contained by Spain, it could get messy. The other problem is with all the boat people crossing the Med. no-one will know who is a true refugee and who is a terrorist out of 100’s crowded on boats.

    All countries and especially the Arab nations should be doing more.

    • Many sources now believe that a large number of the boat migrants are ISIS supporters and ISIS openly stated that they intended to send fighters to Europe disguised as refugees. Spain needs to up its security and intelligence services because they intend to take Andalucia – don’t believe they won’t try it. There is no place for the bleeding heart brigade in this, ISIS must be wiped out.

  3. There was the beheading in France too. What does NATO do….nada. Just plays war games to irritate Putin. They could easily smash Isis if they wanted yet they let them carry on. Isis are winning the propaganda war too.

  4. Bryan,
    don’t be silly, the industrial military complex in the USA/GB/France and Germany need ISIS to exist, so that they can sell their weapons systems.
    Why do you think the USA/GB invaded Iraq and Afghanistan to get rid of Saddam and the Taliban and to create a better life for the ordinary people – don’t make me laugh.

    Oh and not to forget the photos taken by British soldiers in the Malaysian crisis of the Chinese beheaded by them as souvenirs.

  5. I agree with everything mentioned above & am fearful of attacks both here on the Costa (its happened before) & also the UK. Many won’t agree with my opinion but for my money, I’ll go along with the humanitarian bit & save those in peril on the sea BUT without discussion, I’d take them back to where they came from. That would be south.
    Anyone who legitimately applies for entry into Europe, must do so only by application at the relevant Embassy in their country.

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