eddie the dogHOW hard is it to run a small hotel? Sure, I could do it with my eyes shut. But you wouldn’t believe how long him and her who must be obeyed spend talking about stuff.

Details of this, details of that. They say the devil is in the detail… De tail is wagging the dog it seems to me. And this is all time when we could be out walking.

For example, I don’t know what all the fuss about food is. They spend hours on this alone! When I run the hotel all the clients will get dog pellets and a bowl of water. I wouldn’t mind so much if the guests were chasing rabbits up and down the mountains – but mostly they just laze around the pool, eat, drink or go shopping… whatever that is.

Or they come on that train thing that stops nearby. Can’t see why you need to eat more than pellets when all you’ve done is sit on a train and walk 200 metres to the hotel and then back to the station.

However, just occasionally him and her  do something intelligent and this week has been one of those times. Lamb is back on the menu, and not just any lamb but lamb cutlets with bones. Mercy be. Finally something to get my teeth into.

When you are next eating these delicious morsels at the restaurant  please feel free NOT to clean the bones completely. There is a little mutt who is very happy to finish the job for you.

Your co-operation will be greatly appreciated.

To get in touch with Eddie, contact his owners Andy and Pauline at the Hotel Molino del Santo. Bda Estacion s/n, 29370 Benaojan, Malaga. 952 167 151 – 952 167 927.



  1. Nice little story. I wonder if the owners have adopted the French mentality to pets. Most hotels in France will take dogs, so of course they get lots of business from especially the Dutch and Germans as well as their own who take their dogs on holiday with them.

    This autumn when the mosquitos have gone we will be spending a weekend in Capdenac du Gare in a very nice little hotel we first used when exploring France for somewhere to live – of course with our two canine friends.

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