SIPPING on a cana in Malaga is cheaper than anywhere else in Spain.

And better still, grabbing a beer in the Andalucian city is the fourth cheapest city in the world.

With the average price for a beer coming in at just €1.56, the people of Malaga get the best deal in the country.

Meanwhile Krakow in Poland is the cheapest city to acquire the golden liquid, according to GoEuro’s findings which compared 33cl beers in stores in 75 cities and hotel bars.


Top 10 cheapest beer cities

1 Krakow, Poland (€1.51)

2 Kiev, Ukraine (€1.52)

3 Bratislava, Slovakia (€1.54)

4 Malaga, Spain (€1.56)

5 Delhi, India (€1.59)

6 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (€1.62)

7 Mexico City, Mexico (€1.78)

8 Belgrade, Serbia (€1.79)

9 Asuncion, Paraguay (€1.80)

10 Bangkok, Thailand (€1.92)

To view the full study, click here.


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