OVER 60% of Olive Press readers are backing a campaign to unify Gibraltar with La Linea as an independent republic. Streamlined-Straits-Solution-for-Gibraltar-Proves-Successful-in-2012

The ‘Referendum adhesion a Gibraltar’ Facebook group has gained 500 likes since it was launched, stirring up debate on both sides of the border.

The social media campaign was started by La Linea residents who are fed up with being portrayed in the Spanish media as a drug trafficking and smuggling route.

They now want to find out how many others would be in favour of turning their back on Madrid and joining with Gibraltar in an unprecedented yes/no referendum.

“As La Linea residents, we are tired of supporting an old-fashioned situation of confrontation between the UK and Spain,” explains the group Facebook page.

“We are even more tired of the queues and being used as pawns in a strategy game between the two countries.”

As we went to print, 61.1% of voters were in favour of the independent Republic of La Linea and Gibraltar.

One reader, Patricia Alton, a Sabinillas expat from Nottingham, commented: “Now that is a plan, it would benefit both immensely.”

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