Gibraltar-300x225IT comes as no surprise that over 60% of Olive Press readers are supporting a campaign to unify Gibraltar with La Linea.

With Gibraltar seeing double digit growth for the last few years it makes perfect sense for La Linea to want to reach out an olive branch to its noisy neighbour.

Chief Minister Fabian Picardo for one, told the Olive Press, that Gibraltar could create 40,000 jobs for the unemployed in the area.

It could also ease border tension, which cost Gibraltar a reported £40 million in tourist income last year.

No doubt a La Linea-Gibraltar independant republic would face strong opposition from Spain but it could (maybe, just maybe) be the first step towards a blossoming Spain-Gibraltar relationship. Then again, that might be asking too much.

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  1. Gibraltar is prosperous because its not Spanish – why on earth would we want to merge with Spain. Bet the 60% of readers don’t live on the Rock and it takes two to Tango. For starters there are more people in La Linea than Gibraltar so they would control the show – no thanks.

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