MADRID has trumped Barcelona as the best place to live in Spain.

Spain’s capital came in 16th place in elite magazine Monocle’s annual list of 25 ‘most liveable’ cities.

Eight places further back, Barcelona just squeezed into the top 25.

Meanwhile Tokyo in Japan and Vienna in Austria were named the ‘most liveable’ cities in the world.

Last year’s winner Copenhagen fell from top spot to tenth in the rankings, while three German cities (Hamburg, Munich and Berlin) makes the European country the most represented on the list.

There was not such good news for the Brits though, as all UK cities were overlooked.   


  1. Another ridiculous and way-off-the-mark article. Probably written by the editors wife while sitting in starbucks taking selfies with her icrap and watching scank in the city.
    Madrid is a desert. Its so dry and has such little variation in weather that its officially a desert. In the last few years they’ve spent a fortune beautifiying the city (thanks EU!). Its also really high, so the summer sun packs more kick than on the beaches in the south. but enough of climate.
    Facilities: its got everything you’d expect and want from a small-to-medium town. But big city it aint!
    Culture and People: Nationalists. Everybody from everywhere else are stupid inferiour annoying dirtbags to be ripped off, conned, and dismissed at every opportunity.
    But hey, what do i know. oh wait, i actually lived there and spoke to inhabitants, instead of uber-rich tourists.
    I wouldnt be surprised if the source article had Birmingham on the list. But thats a rant for another day.

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