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Beach property sales on the up in Spain

Torremolinos beach front e
Torremolinos beach front
BEACH BUYS: Spain‘s coastal property sales are up

FOR years, owning a beach home was an unattainable luxury for most Spaniards.

But recent research estimates that 10% of homebuyers in Spain are looking to buy on the coast.

And over the past five years, coastal property prices have dropped as urban property prices have climbed.

This has made beach homes an attractive savings tool for many small investors.

Beach properties are increasingly attractive to investors who hope to own a comfortable home in an affordable area by the time they reach retirement age. The most appealing properties tend to be those located close to services such as hospitals, recreational facilities, and public transportation.


Caitlin Quinn

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  1. You want more, well here is more?

    Your favourite website says ‘House prices down in 2nd quarter say Sociedad De Taxacion’ in ALL regions apart from Madrid and Barcelona! Surely not?

    Also, here is some more, you’ve morphed your name again on this site, you’ve now gone from English Dragon, English Damp Squib, Give us a Quid, and now GiveUsAnEnglishQuid. Why do you want to have an English Quid in your name now, after all ‘your heart is in Madrid but you live in London’? Why not GiveUsASpanishEuro next it would suit your desire more.

  2. Why does the OP allow this “Squiddy” person to keep posting under multiple aliases?

    Bavk to thread, Buying a beach property in Spain is such high risk. They could change the law again in the blink of an eye and make them all retrospectively illegal again. People have short memories.

  3. Lol – If you’re worried about false identities Fred, join me in requesting the OP limit comments to people with Facebook or OpenId logins. That would get rid of the trolls who hide behind false identities at a stroke. I suspect you’d find you’d lose a couple of your tagteam allies though. :)

    • Squiddy, simply practice what you preach. Facebook proves nothing; one can create accounts in seconds, do wake up. Fact is, you post on dozens of forums and you cannot even keep a single alias on one of them. Your actions show a devious behaviour and I won’t be joining you on anything needless to say lol.

  4. Why do you who’s now morphed to GUAEQ not think you are the one hiding behind false identities as you have 4 on this site alone and a dozen elsewhere, does that not make you the Troll?

    What’s your view on the findings on the other website that counters all your earlier hype of property sales and prices rising, supplied by an Independent body and not cobbled together by estate agents for a change? Clearly shows only 2 places where house prices are not down, all the rest are!

  5. Again LOL – I am quite prepared to post using a Facebook or Open Id login, and it’s no surprise that someone (Mike/Angie or Housey, whatever she calls herself) is so animated by this subject. Scared of being open about your identity? Not as if you were banned from a forum for multiple identities, smears, threats etc? “http://www.spanishpropertyinsight.com/discussion/forum-topic/censorship-at-spi/” Interesting too that FRED and Stuart align themselves with such a person, so we can see who exactly uses devious behaviour! I’m easily traced via the Kilburn bookshop by the way. But please don’t start posting spam on the website – easily deleted. I know you’re the type who’d try to damage someone’s business, but in this case you will find you are wastinng your time.

  6. Squiddy, I am alligned with noone and you will find, if you search hard enough, that I have lots of disagreements with many other posters on here. I really do think that you are trying to change the subject. Why do you keep mentioning Facebook and OpenID? Those do not prove identity. How did you get so out of touch? Mind you, you were never in touch to begin with lol.

  7. Ha Ha DragonSquibQuiddy and your multiple aliases here there and everywhere still trying that old chestnut?

    So wrong about aligning with anyone including Fred, we sometimes don’t agree with each other and we’ve told each other on here, but then sometimes we do agree on subjects mainly because he tells it as it is in Spain as I try to, but then we both own Spanish property something you’ve never done.

    So wrong too with your Spanish property market rhetoric and saying it would be recovering this year!
    Why don’t you stick to the topics more instead of going off-piste?

    Agree with above posting though that you’re so out of touch especially on the CDS you’ve never visited.

  8. LOL “stick to the topics more instead of going off-piste” Do you ever read your own rantings Mike/Angie/Scambuster/Housley ? Classic projection. By the way house sales are UP 8% in May compared with last year. “http://www.spanishpropertyinsight.com/2015/07/22/notaries-home-sales-up-prices-down-in-may/” Coupled with low prices this is good news for the Spanish buyers. Brit buyers should do their own reasearch.

  9. Now you’re making it up as you go man of many disguises, they could be listed if you wish. Lol

    Why don’t you stick to the topic and answer whether your favourite website’s story on independent report of the market in all regions differed with your own view a while back when you got it so wrong yet again? Why only 2 areas on there and Cities at that show rises? Interesting article ‘prices down in May’, fits in with the independent report, people could have lost money on your previous advice, Hmm!

    When do you plan to visit the CDS, and buy a Spanish property for the 1st time, or even a UK property? Our’s is near the beach, you might like the area if you tried it, handy for both Malaga and Marbella too, bought it for the family to enjoy, and know the market very well here as a result!

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