AS the Spanish economy shifts gears towards recovery, Spaniards are jumping on their bikes.

RONDA: The  Vuelta a España on the stage to Ronda in 2014. Photography by Karl Smallman
RONDA: The Vuelta a España on the stage to Ronda in 2014. Photograph by Karl Smallman

AMBE, Spain’s national cycling production association, reported that 1,088,548 bicycles were sold in 2014, up 5.24% from the previous year.

Bicycles sold for an average of 499.50 euros, with over 50% of the sales coming from large store brands.

Sales are predicted to rise even more with the approaching Vuelta a España cycling race just a month away.

The cycling industry itself grew in 2014, adding 2,004 jobs, more than any other sporting industry in Spain.

Spaniards also bought more cycling accessories, rising 6.61%, but even they can’t be more fashionably equipped than British cyclists.

According to research by Mintel, Brits spent 1.8 billion euros on bicycle parts, accessories and clothing, a figure that raced ahead of the 1.4 billion spent on actual bicycles.

Brits perhaps could learn from one Spanish change, while Mintel reported that only 38% of British cyclists wear helmets, Spanish helmet sales increased by 25% last year.

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