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Top 5 off-road motorcycle routes in Spain

Offroad motorbike e

Offroad motorbikeRIDING a motorcycle across Spain epitomises the joy of travelling in this country.

A motorcycle here means being able to cross countryside you have never seen before at whatever speed, and using whatever route, that you feel is safe.

You can point to a mountain, a lake, a forest, or a city and just drive there, as you want, with the earth whizzing beneath your feet.

Of course, some routes are better than others. And some routes are better than all the others. So here’s our pick of the absolute best.

Dirt Biking in the Slopes of Sierra Nevada

The natural beauty of Andalucia’s snowy peaks is enough to convince anyone that they have come to the right country.

However, underneath those blankets of white hide the dirt biking tracks of your dreams.

The region is not just for skiing and boasts some gorgeous woodlands to plunge your motorcycles into.

There are also freshwater lakes to wash yourself in when it gets too hot and too dusty… which it most definitely will.

Montserrat and Motorcycles

The fiercely independent region of Catalunya is home to the fierce-looking Montserrat, whose name literally translates to “saw mountain” from Catalan.

There are many ways to scale this beautiful giant, and motorcycling is just one of the options.

However, don’t expect to motorcycle your way to the peak as the highest routes are for hikers only.

This won’t stop you riding through muddy forests or the many caves that Montserrat has to offer though.

Malaga to Gibraltar: An On Road and Off Road Adventure

Imagine being able to stride two continents.

Imagine riding along the southernmost coast of Europe while gazing out across the Alboran sea to the northernmost tip of Africa.

That is what this road trip offers. You can watch Europe and Africa collide as you drive along the front line of two world cultures.

The journey offers plenty of choice. Take the coastal route for a while, dive back inland for the hills and lakes, and then take a break by the sea or at a bar in a sleepy seaside town.

Malaga to Madrid: Riding from the coast to the centre

If coastal trips aren’t for you, why not ride through the wild innards of Spain to reach the country’s beating heart?

Plenty of natural parks, small towns and lakes are on offer in this mammoth journey.

This one requires a lot of planning as it can range from beginner to absolutely impossible.

Moreover, there are strict laws prohibiting riding in a natural park, so either ride around them or park your bikes and go for stroll.

For an easier ride, there are plenty of main roads you can stick to.

For the adventurer, there are plenty of shortcuts and detours you can take to make this the trip of a lifetime.

Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara, y Almara

Buried in the depths of this natural park, a place that takes even longer to drive around than it does to pronounce, are some wonderful hidden gems.

The limestone rock in this area been sculpted by the weather of this region into jagged ravines. Still, if you’re more into history than geology, the park is also famous for its villages that date back to Moorish times.

The variety on offer means that no two rides near this park are ever the same.

If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast, then it’s hard to go wrong in Spain.

Still, with the right knowledge, you can make sure that you make the most out of this country’s off-road delights.

Motorcycling in Spain can get hot, dusty, and dangerous, but that is exactly what makes it so brilliant.

About the author:  Ed Wild is an expert on off-road motorcycling and the founder of Redtread Spain.

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