THE workers’ union in Cordoba are denouncing the Junta for making them work in extreme heat.

Cordoba construction workers
Cordoba construction workers

Andalucia’s agreement with unions declares that between June 15 and August 30, bricklayers are not allowed to work during the afternoon due to high temperature risks, which Cordoba has experienced to the extreme with temperatures rising above 40 degrees almost every day.

The union claims that the Junta’s construction inspectors have taken no action against companies who have had their bricklayers working on multiple construction sites after three in the afternoon, even on Saturdays.


  1. I well remember when the EU’s money was used to build a flood wall along both sides of the rio Guadix. I have only seen water, a trickle, once in 7 years of living there.
    The real purpose of the ‘flood walls’ was to satisfy the developers who wanted to use good arable land to build more crap blocks of flats. The only thing that stopped them was the property crash.

    The poor sods who were building it were working in 40C + temperatures. Their toilets were the bushes and this with a PSOE alcalde in Guadix – who do I blame – the workers for standing for this treatment – if you act like a serf, you will be treated like one.

  2. Almost agree 100% Stuart. But withdrawal of labour needs to be done in concert, in unison, (ie. using that modern expletive, Unions) One serf walking off the job is derisory, all of ’em is a disaster. Especially using picketing and secondary picketing. Sigh. Those were the days……

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