DON’T  panic – it’s only a three-week gig. But even in the show-cooking business, you don’t stay at number one for long without expanding your fan base.

Roca brothers
Roca brothers

Which is why the Girona-based Roca Brothers – owners of the world’s top restaurant, El Celler de Can Roca – are jetting off on tour to give their fabulous food some air play in the USA. That’s Jordi on pastry, Josep on wine and head chef Joan on everything else.

They’re taking taking the taste of Catalonia across the Pond where they’ll be setting up pop-up diners Stateside wide. And by all accounts it’s set to be a sell-out tour.

Starting in Miami, Jordi Roca said the boys are ready to expand the brand.

“We’ve been doing exactly the same thing for the past 29 years,” he said. “Evolving of course, but we have been working with the same joy, commitment and excitement.

“Lately, with more resources at our disposal, our team has grown and we are looking at new ventures.”

El Celler de Can Roca holds three Michelin stars and was named the world’s best restaurant at the World’s 50 Best Restaurant awards in London in June.

Set up by the brothers in 1986, originally next door to their parents’ restaurant, they specialise in traditional Catalan cuisine with a creative twist.

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